About Social Stork

Founded in 2017, Social Stork is a collection of marketing, media and digital specialists with the simple aim of trying to help companies and organisations on their digital journey. Whether you are looking for your first website, need help with social media management and content or are wanting some strategy advice on how to promote your business or products we aim to simplify the experience and at an affordable cost. We have lots of collective experience and have over the years worked with and alongside organisations such as Bauer Media, UKTV, Pertemps, Conde Nast, House of Holland, YOPA, Katzbeck and much more helping deliver a consistent return on investment for our customers. In an ideal world we would have changed the heading to “About You” as our unique approach is what separates us from the competition, we want to work with organisations and companies that let us understand their business. Our unique pre-project workshops are designed to help us immerse ourselves in your project. If you are looking for a company to help you “deliver” your digital requirement then get in touch!

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We love to think, then plan and our unique workshops involve you fully in the process. Before you commit to a digital spend, we will give an honest recommendation of suitable services.


Our professional design team take great pride in working with your initial concept, providing drafts and mock-ups before creating a visual enticement for your visitors.


From "how it looks" to "how it works" our experienced development team ensure that your project is built with the end user in mind and of course is fully tested before release to the big bad World Wide Web...

SEO & Marketing

You have a beautiful new website, but it engages with no-one, that’s like having a Ferrari and keeping it in a garage... Let us - help you channel targeted traffic and customers to your site.


Give More Than You Take

At Social Stork, we fully understand the challenges faced by small and new businesses. Providing your customers with a digital proposition can seem expensive, complicated and time-consuming.
One of our philosophies is to "give more than you take". If we can provide added value, ideas, and advice at no extra cost but knowing YOU will gain we will.

Time is More Valuable Than Money

Time is valuable we know this and with that in mind we try and ensure your business has the maximum amount of time spent on it by our professional team if you work with us. In-house we ensure we always make time to develop our own skillsets, plan our projects and share our contributions with colleagues.
Always make time...

Our Biggest Testimonial Is You

It's true what they say, receive bad service and you will tell much more people than if you receive good service!
We pride ourselves in that the company directors are heavily involved in the customer service element of our business.
If we do a great job, looking after you, keeping in contact and delivering your project we are certain you will tell a friend!