Develop Your Market with Disruptive Collaboration

Disruptive Collaboration

Here at Social Stork, we love disruptive collaboration. Not for the first time, we’ve had feedback following one of our market development workshops where clients have said, “I was sitting there and thinking, why are you tearing my business apart, but then, when you put it back together again, I now see things differently”.

Well, we call that disruptive collaboration.

Yes, we want to work with you and for you, but we’re not going to just tell you what you want to hear, we are going to poke, push, prod and question until you spill all the guarded detail. We’re not going to just nod and agree with you, we want to challenge the norm.

Of what benefit is all this to my business, I hear you ask? Well, collaboration is one thing, working together to develop new ideas, products and services are all very well, but who is challenging, who is questioning and who is pushing you out of that safe and cosy comfort zone you’re in.

Quite often, business ideas and businesses born out of these ideas, having been nurtured and cared for, are held too precious, this we understand, this is why clients think we’re tearing their business to shreds. We’re not, well we are but we’re doing it for the right reasons. To build the bigger picture and look to develop on what you already have and more importantly develop further your market and business.

Value Your Value Propositions

Your Value Propositions are something we’re really interested in, and so should you be, because your customers and potential customers are. We’ll use our disruptive collaboration process to explore your value propositions such as Idea-Product-Service (IPS), Benefits to both your company and customers, Perceptions, Targets, Rewards and Pains. We’ll then rebuild the content and findings to direct your Key Marketing Activities.

These key marketing activities, such as your website, SEO, social media, content marketing, events, networking etc, etc, are all dependent on your clear message to your market. Your clients, customers and potential customers need to understand what you’re offering in order to match their needs and requirements. If you don’t get this right, your competition just might. And that’s why we want to collaborate with you, but disrupt your usual thinking process and normal way of doing things. We want to keep pushing you forward and competing for the business that’s out there.

If you’re looking to develop your markets? If you want to see things differently and don’t mind being challenged? Why not give us a call, book a workshop and in a very productive way, allow us to open your business to new ideas and possibly a new direction, just don’t expect us to agree with your norm. 

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